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Web Marketing

We offer search engines marketing services to help increase your website traffic and then convert that traffic into sales!

So you have a website set up… that’s great! But is it a website that Works? Are you reaching potential customers? Can you be found on Google, Yahoo or Bing?

It’s time to get results! Click below!

OSM Networks offers 4 packages, all aiming for the goal of increasing your presence online.

  • BRONZE –  Entry Level - $300 / month
  • SILVER – Competitive - $850 / month
  • GOLD – Aggressive  - $1870 / month
  • SEM Intro - Onetime Setup - $285

Within each package, available services include:  

  • Keyword Research - we first determine what terms your prospective customers are searching for you on.
  • Optimize website pages to ensure each is set up right for search engines
  • Back-link Building - How popular is your website? How many websites link to you?
  • Write fresh new page content full of those rich keywords we are going after
  • On page SEO - optimize your website pages for those terms
  • Convert website traffic into paying customers!
  • Improve your ranking with industry keywords
  • Management of your Adwords Campaign
  • Social Media Updates

At the end of each month we provide a customized report for you.  

The available suite of marketing services under each package will be worked on each month according to the unique plan our Marketing Team determines is needed for your company.

What we need from you:

  • A minimum commitment of 6 months to prove ourselves! We believe after that you won't want us to stop!